About Interior Wood Design Inc

    Interior Wood Design Inc. offers custom wood products for all of your residential, commercial and industrial needs. We offer the highest quality woodworking and finishing service available. The finishes are all custom, customized to fit your taste, style and functionality.

    We custom build kitchen cabinets, vanity and laundry cabinets, entertainment centers, library furniture, office panels, office furniture, front desks, wooden ceilings, fireplace mantels and more. Whatever your needs are we are here to serve you.

    You have an idea, we will make the design custom build your dream for you.

    There are many different companies to choose from when you need carpentry work done.
    Interior Wood Design Inc is by far the best Seattle carpentry option because we are:

    • Environmentally Minded
    • A large team of specialists
    • Customer satisfaction oriented
    • Able to do custom designs
    • Experienced and efficient
    • Up to date on all current trends in the industry

    John Gruita

    Phone: (360) 805-2888

    John Gruita is an experienced Carpenter with many years of experience in carpentry in the Monroe, Seattle and Kirkland area.